First wood-firing in the monkey year

Just about recovering after my second wood-firing here in Rundale. This time we did it a little differently- starting at 1am on Saturday morning so we would have the hardest bit- reduction process- while it is still light (5 pm the same day).

Beginning is very relaxed so between adding more firewood in the kiln I was tidying the studio after a mad day of glazing as well as making a new shelving unit…

Anyhow, it has been my most successful firing so far- perfect temperature for the glaze to melt (except a few who had it too hot and went all bubbly and sad) and pretty pretty blacks throughout with several being awesomely shiny metallic.

The pots will have their photo-session soon, but meanwhile our serious faces will have to do…



2 thoughts on “First wood-firing in the monkey year

  1. Wonderful work! My daughter and i are coming to Latvia for a trip in July of 2017. We would love to visit your studio and shop for various reasons. My daughter Solveig has never been to Latvia- and i was not even born there- but it IS my homeland. My childhood was spent waiting for my father to come back from the Toronto Brickworks and set to work with his wheel and kilns. He was a proud “podnieks” and instilled the love, if not the skill, of this art in his family.

    1. Hi! Thanks a lot 🙂 of course, feel free to visit- you can see how to get here on my website ! Would love to hear more about your fathers experience.

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